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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Nature is the best source of wisdom we have available for free. Trees are one of the best examples of that. Trees grow roots in a place that is favorable to their existence. They ground themselves first by growing their roots and once they feel sustained and secure, their trunk and branches reach toward the sky.

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Some grow very fast but do not last very long. They provide the necessary wood to heat many meals, warm cold hands or build houses. They join the recycling process of nature with a Zen approach.

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Other trees grow slowly and steadily and can live hundreds of years. Ancient trees are considered sacred by many indigenous people around the world… 

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... unless we, the “modern humans”, interrupt their millenary life process for the sake of our convenience.

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Trees are generous. They just need some water and sun to provide us with delicious fruit. Even when they are young and fragile, they announce the promise of their gifts. 

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Trees hold in their trunks and leaves the medicinal solution to many ailments, which unfortunately have been exploited for excessive profit by pharmaceutical corporations or cleared altogether to make way for livestock production.

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Trees teach us about the value of community and sharing in life. A forest is a conglomeration of trees shooting to the sky but what we do not see is the intertwined network of roots that connect each of them to an unbreakable underground fabric of life.

Through their connected roots, they share water and nutrients and provide the right environment for many other creatures that live underground. The forest is an unified organism stronger than each individual tree.  

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We need to create a human forest all around this planet, in order to make decisions that take the side of life and joy and not one of destruction and grief. 


Like the trees, we need to accept the fact that we are part of something bigger than us as individuals. 

Experiencing this journey and accepting the universal recycling process, we will always be part of all what has been, is and will be.

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  1. Gifts from trees are waiting you in Montegrande, they told me they missed you both!