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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Copyright @ 2016 Nancy Barra, "Future Ahead", oil on canvas, 16"x 23.5", from:Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo

Millennials are the Net generation, on-line savvy and immersed in social media. The average Millennial has 250 Facebook friends. They send an average of 50 texts per day and how many have not posted a selfie?

Millennials are fascinated by the digital revolution and that sense of being connected to everybody and everything in a society, which paradoxically fosters isolation. Millennials feel the illusion of connectedness provided by digital media.

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They find ever fewer opportunities to speak directly to another human being or to laugh together at a joke in the same physical shared space. LOL.

On the subway, most people are curved over their digital phones like an army of robots, looking at the small screens and connecting with others, reading, or just passing time with electronic entertainment.

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If you would have seen this scenario just twenty years ago, you would have thought that all these people had a serious mental illness. Not anymore. This is the norm of social conduct in public places these days. The tiny minority without a smart phone in their hands all the time, those are the wierdos of today.

Copyright @ 2010 Nancy Barra,"Pensive", pastel on La Carte paper, 16" x 12", from: Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo

I think that Millennials sense that something is profoundly wrong with this trend. I am sure that some understand that something very basic is missing in their immersion in digital social networks: it is the increasing lack of kinesthetic and real human touch and contact. They seem to be losing the ability to simply look in another person's eyes when listening or expressing ideas or emotions face-to-face.

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So, what happens when, behind this facade of digital connectivity and social "popularity", Millennials feel alone and scared in the present and of the future?

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Like the rest of us, they see the possibility of climate catastrophe, an erratic job market, poor quality of food, air and water, ongoing health problems, dependency on pharmaceutical companies, increasing domination of world corporations in their daily lives and continuous turmoil and violence around the planet. Fear sets in.

Copyright © 2017 Nancy Barra "Fearful", Watercolor and pastel on paper, 16" x 12"from:Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo

All what is going on paints a picture of the present and the future in dark colors and unpredictable strokes.

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Elizabeth Kolbert in her book “The Sixth Extinction” tells us that so far, five extinction events have been scientifically documented on Planet Earth. She says that for the first time, we are the ones who are about to create our own extinction.

It would be the only extinction event where we, as a civilization, will be the creators of it and, at the same time, the victims. It would be the last act of human civilization: a collective Hara-Kiri grand finale, probably recorded digitally on every iPhone around the planet.

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Can we overcome this predicted self-destructive destiny? Can we stop the course of history by effectively opposing the powerful Orwellian forces that are leading us to our demise as a civilization? Can we really do that in a short period of time? Can we effectively use digital technology to help us achieve this? 

Will our young people have the courage to do it for all of our children?

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The Boom generation has been unable to answer these questions. Millennials have the next word and we hope it is decisive, inspiring and profoundly human.

Dedicated to Johnnie and Alissita