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Thursday, April 3, 2014


The deer wondered by the ocean rocks and seems very much at ease with the sound of the waves. He stood for a long time looking at the ocean before hiding in the woods again.

Copyright © 2014 Nancy Barra, "A deer by the ocean".

If a dog and a cat can be friends and express love for each other, why cannot we imitate them?

Copyright © 2014 Nancy Barra, "Canine and feline love".

Ella Fitzgerald sang: "Birds do it, bees do it, even educated flees do it. Let's do it. Let's fall in love". At the edge of a yoga mat, two grasshoppers do the most enjoyable and glorious relaxation. 

Copyright © 2014 Natalia Zuman, "Love at the edge of the mat".

The seagull seems to appreciate the beauty of nature by standing still in a rock at sunset. It does not seems to have fear, insecurity and/or abandonment issues but has the capacity to be at unison with its surrounding. Why is this so difficult for us?
Copyright © 2014 Nancy Barra, "The seagull", pastel over watercolor on paper, 10" x 7", from:Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo

Two basset hound dogs at different stages in their lives. The one on the left is young and perky and wants to play and have fun. The one on the right is old and just  happy to enjoy its somnolence. Well, c'est la vie!

Copyright © 2014 Nancy Barra, "Basset Hounds: Nelson and Pippo".

One of the pigeons seems to say to the other one: "Don't play indifferent with me now, after all these years!"  

Copyright © 2014 Nancy Barra, "Pidgeon indifference".

This little kitten was just adopted from an animal shelter and these two young women gave it a bath and a name: "Mini-Love". They are spoiling it with tenderness. There is so much love around in small gestures such as this that it should make us hopeful!

Copyright © 2014 Nancy Barra, "Mini-Love and his two care takers".

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