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Friday, April 4, 2014


While waiting for something, she also anticipates possible scenarios, which she knew may never happen. However, in doing it, she has the opportunity to dream with her open eyes towards a limitless horizon.

Copyright @ 2009 Nancy Barra, "Anticipation" Oil on canvas,
22" x 28", from: Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo

She is disappointed but she can also remember and relive the beauty of the past in the present, overcoming the space-time dimensions. She remembers the laughter of the past, feels the loss of the present and dreams the possibilities of the future. Suddenly, she realizes that past, present and future are just one moment, experienced by us in a very slow motion.

Copyright @ 2009 Nancy Barra,"Remembering", Oil on canvas 30" x 24", from:Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo

She came to life from water, sand, wind and sun and lie dormant on the warm rock wrapped in a shall. She seems so relaxed and I wonder if she will wake up or return to her original state when the high tide will reach her late in the evening.

Copyright @ 2009 Nancy Barra,"Ocean Rebirth", oil on canvas, 
28" x 24", from:Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo

The fisherman arrived early in the morning and left late in the evening with no fish to take home. He will be back tomorrow because he loves to catch a fish but more than anything else he enjoys to be still in front of the ocean, waiting for the unexpected to happen.

Copyright @ 2012 Nancy Barra,"No luck today", pastel over watercolor on La Carte paper,12" x 16", from: Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo


  1. Todos éstos me encantan, en especial el de la transparencia y el de Lore acostada en las rocas, es muy especial. Y también el del pescador, todos me encantan!

  2. Muchas Gracias, Vivi, por tus comentarios. Los aprecio mucho.