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Sunday, April 6, 2014


That morning in Rockport, Massachusetts, a bunch of sunflowers began to slowly turn towards the art display in a window gallery, like interested art lovers.

 Copyright  © 2014 Nancy Barra,"Sunflowers and art".

In South America, Chile, a regal sunflower enjoys the 360 days of sun in Montegrande, nested in the Valley Elqui, while the grapes began to ripe in the background.

Copyright © 2014 Nancy Barra, "Sunflower Radiance".

Around the port of Coquimbo in the north of Chile, hibiscus flowers bloom next to the ocean all year round, witnessing the dramatic landscape of coastal mountains that surrounds the multicolor array of fishing boats. I specially like the boat under the hibiscus shrub, named "El Regalón II" ("The Spoiled One II"), which expresses the love of the Coquimbo fishermen towards their tools of survival.

Copyright © 2014 Nancy Barra, "Hibiscus by the sea".

These cactus flowers witness the Pacific ocean movement and enjoy the morning  breeze in Cachagua, Chile.

Copyright ©2011 Nancy Barra, "Coastal cactus flowers".

According to legend, in the "Heart Garden" ("Jardin del Corazón") of the coastal town of La Serena, Chile, when she achieved total piece of mind, a red hibiscus grew on the side of her head as a sign of splendor, harmony and beauty.

Copyright ©2013 Nancy Barra, "The magic of meditation".


  1. Thank you Nancy. This is beautiful, you are truly an artist!

  2. Your photo's are so filled with light. I feet moved and at peace when I look at them!