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Saturday, April 5, 2014


The sounds of Nature help us to explore our silence. If we silently get into the sound and movement of the water, into the breeze that surrounds us and the warmth of the sun on the rocks that sustain us, then, we began to feel connected to all what exists.

Copyright @ 2010 Nancy Barra,"Pensive", pastel on La Carte paper, 16" x 12", from:Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo

Instinctively, he knew that the right approach was to follow the flow of life as the waves do in the ocean. After all, we are vessels made of 70% water and we came from water to life, so the insight he got that day looking at the ocean made so much sense to him!

Copyright @ 20010 Nancy Barra,"Reflection in Blue", oil on canvas, 24" x 18", from: Nancy Barra Contemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo

On that winter day, she felt stuck in life until she sat down on the rock and looked to the line where sky and water meet. Then, she did not care the cold breeze against her face because the openness of nature invaded her and she regained calm and peace again.  

Copyright @ 2010 Nancy Barra"Coastal Breeze", egg tempera on wood panel, 
10" x 8" from:Nancy BarraContemporary Art/Arte Contemporáneo


  1. I love how you use the ocean scenes to emote your message. Beautiful artwork!

  2. Your use of color is breathtaking! These paintings are so vivid and inviting. I wish I was there! The ocean is truly a magical place to reflect and come back to nature and you certainly convey that truth in your paintings and art.